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Investor Relations.

Space Commerce + Blockchain = A New Era of Exploration Investing

Security and Utility Tokens

Space Ventures Investors is developing various Security Token Offerings and Utility Token Offerings to commercialise different sections of the Strategic Space Value Chain.

The Value Supporting Tokens

Each token (Security or Utility) will have a structured value based on the space technology supply chain readiness, allowing potential investors the chance to fairly evaluate respective tokens.

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Blockchain, Ethereum, other Cryptocurrencies, and International Coin Offerings, have experienced a rise and fall which is a natural phase in an innovative industry. The full commercialization of space however, is just beginning.

The regulated environment for serious capital raising is an Initial Public Offering, yet this serves companies with existing revenues. Most space start-ups and mission-focussed ventures have zero or limited revenue.

For emerging space companies, tokenization and liquidity of purchased tokens, is an ideal method to raise capital, and an ideal exchange mechanism for investors.

However, space technology business models are highly complex, so Space Ventures Investors, using its research experience and network of space companies, will design Security and Utility Token Offers based on space commerce opportunities that are practical, profitable, can benefit from smart contracts triggered by key performance indicators, and are accountable and transparent. Much of the above is proprietary information available to SVI Management and Shareholders.
Regulation: At this stage, our focus is on the Financial Conduct Authority Regulatory Sandbox.
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Potential Space Ventures Investors Token Offering for 2020

Note: Any digital asset would have to meet with regulatory approval.

Space Security Token Offering

Space Ventures Investors is currently researching and developing Security Token Offerings reflecting the disparate business models in specific verticals of the Strategic Space Value Chain, including:
‣ Space Resources: Lunar Surface and Near Earth Asteroids.
‣ Space Commerce: Orbiting energy, data, commodities.
‣ A Securities Offer Token linked primarily to finding and extracting precious metals on the Lunar Surface.

Space Utility Token Offering

Space Ventures Investors is currently researching and developing a Utility Token where features available to the Holder of the Utility Token include:
‣ Accessing Space Commerce Research.
‣ Earth observation services, including satellite imagery and environmental snapshots e.g. air pollution.
‣ Space Data: From rights to inter-planetary bandwidth, to data storage in space, and a digital identity off-world / in-orbit.
‣ Space Resources: Lunar Resources and high-value Near Earth Asteroid tracking.
The goal of Space Ventures Investors Utility Tokens is to tokenize the availability of new and emerging services related to space technology. Future Space Utility Tokens will be focused on niche areas.