Space Resources Overview

Since 2014 Space Ventures Investors has been researching Space Resources business models.

Moon Mining and Lunar Resources

The long-term business models; how feasible are operations on the Lunar surface and all the steps involved.
• Who is part of the supply-chain to the Moon and back?
• Who is developing the right technology for the right purpose, e.g. water extraction from regolith or the Moon's South Pole craters,
• The opportunity of when and how to enter this highly complex and lucrative emerging industry – timing is crucial.
• Lunar Surface Mining; the fluctuations in prices of precious and rare earth meals can bring forward the eventuality and affordability of Lunar Surface mining operations, combined with decreasing launch prices.
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Asteroid Mining

• Which companies are actively pursuing Asteroid Mining, currently we focus on exploration and inspection; detection and tracking are the best current business models.
• Intercepting Near Earth Objects and extracting resources may be 10 years away, innovation is required to turn the concepts into industrial operations.
• SVI keeps up to date on the status of missions from agencies like NASA, ESA and JAXA.
• Read more at Asteroid Mining.

Resources on the Moon? Talk to Lunar Resources Registry UG

About the Lunar Resources Registry

Lunar Resources Registry and Moon Mining
The Lunar Resources Registry (LRR) enables commercial and non-commercial organisations to acquire rights to explore and extract resources. The LRR has been accepted into a European Space Agency Business Incubation Centre in 2021 (pending final contract signing).
If you have an academic or commercial interest in the Lunar Resources Registry and would like to add a location of interest, please get in contact.

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