For Existing Shareholders

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For Prospective Shareholders

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Space Ventures Investors Limited (SVI) is open to direct investment only from applicants known to SVI, including:
• Existing Shareholders.
• Individuals: New Investors (they may have to be Accredited Investors relative to their jurisdiction) who want to invest in a space-related business, and people who have worked in finance.
• Corporations: Commercial entities who want a strategic investment in space commerce; including downstream space-start-ups.

All potential shareholders will be subject to internal due diligence, and the sign-up process is in accordance with the United Kingdom's Financial Conduct Authority.
Space Ventures Investors Limited is a private company, is incorporated in the UK, and is owned by the co-founders and shareholders. U.S. Non-Accredited Investors may also invest in SVI even if they are Non-Accredited or Sophisticated Investors, subject to a simple questionnaire.