Space Commerce

We focus on emerging and established companies part of the strategic Space Value Chain which includes:
• Launchers, Rockets and Space planes: there is a need for finding the right balance. The launch industry has been dominated by vertical lift-off at the expense of horizontal lift-off and landing.
• Emerging Space Stocks: Small and mid-cap space stocks are overlooked; analysts focus on larger aerospace and satellite communications companies. We focus on emerging space equities and analyse how their technology will impact the market.
• Manufacturing in Space: Facilitating LEO commercialisation and in-orbit manufacturing. What can be made in space, how, why, and where are the end markets?
• Satellites: includes earth-observation satellites but also communications such as IoT and 5G.
• Space Tourism: an expensive trip with a declining price, yet to take-off. Investor and media interest in space tourism grows as companies continue to require capital to develop the technology and processes to make space tourism a reality. Larger space tourism (e.g. Virgin Galactic) companies are well funded, others offer alternative technologies and business cases. Can the market support both orbital and sub-orbital space tourism?
• Space Debris: A growth area which is crucial to explore due to the evolving risks that can disable planned constellations and already in-orbit installations such as the ISS. Yet the question remains and the race is on: What will clean up existing and potential space debris in orbit?

Space Commerce Fund

A Diversified Investment Strategy

Space Debris

Focussing on the evolving technology driving the solutions.
Researching the risk of space debris (kinetic and economic) and mitigation measures (in-orbit removal and pre-launch legal processes)
Funding start-ups that are developing space debris innovations such as mapping, situation awareness (SSA), and removal.

Space Infrastructure

• Focussing on Space Commodities as a future market, e.g. propellant as an exchange traded instrument.
• Researching how Space Infrastructure can leverage existing frameworks (legal, political, industrial) to grow.
• Establishing the business models that underpin the infrastructure required for next generation refuelling of satellites and CISLunar and deep space missions.
• Funding the planning and execution of large scale Space Infrastructure projects.

Small Satellites Technology

• Focussing on emerging European SmallSat and CubeSats companies.
• Researching the satellites road map, e.g. where is the LEO opportunity (IoT, earth observation), and the risks (debris).
• Establishing SVI in satellite constellation supply chains.
• Funding European start-ups that are developing innovations in propulsion, communication, and autonomous operations.

Space Commerce

• Focussing on existing companies that have an established presence, e.g. satellite fleets in GEO.
• Researching upcoming opportunities, e.g. Launch and Manufacturing: small (reusable) launchers, 3D printing, new materials.
• Investing in expansions, e.g. constellations offering global real-time broadband, satellite servicing logistics services.

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