Price Discovery and Making a New Market - Get involved! Take part in our Surveys.

Currently we are asking both Space Entrepreneurs and Commodities Professionals to help us discover how to price products and services in the emerging space economy.

Survey 1: CisLunar Physical Economy Price Discovery

CisLunar Supply and Demand Price Discovery Survey: You tell us the Buy / Sell values for Commodities, Manufactured Deliverables, and expected Resources between Earth, Orbits and the Moon...
If you have 5 minutes and have researched, or are developing business related cases, please provide us with some information.

Survey 2: Lunar Resources as Greenfield Exploration Opportunities

Lunar Resources Locations Pricing Survey: Lunar Resources Registry is identifying 1000s of potential locations for resources that will one day lead to exploration missions and 100s of resources and infrastructure operations. To date a major obstacle is pricing: How does the free market price a greenfield opportunity on our Moon?
We’d like input from mining and energy exploration companies, commodities traders, infrastructure companies, and seasoned investors.
If you have 5 minutes and have undertaken valuation of greenfield opportunities, please provide us with some information.

Advisory and Markets

Simon Drake, Managing Director of Space Ventures Investors, presenting at Space Resources Week in Luxembourg, October 9th 2019.

Our team can provide tailored support to entrepreneurs evolving in the Space eco-system. With our decades of combined experience, the Space Ventures Investors management team can help founders and executives navigate through each stage of a start-up's growth.
From proof-of-concept to your very first minimal viable product (MVP), we have enabled founders to unlock the potential of their ventures through mentorship, participating in accelerators, incubators, and via our own investments.
Our expertise in the emerging space commerce sector is focussed on leveraging entrepreneurs and start-ups to find their profitable place in space.

Strategic Development & Analysis

From a MVP to a scalable market, our international experience in many space verticals enables us to provide tailored strategic advice, including strategies on market penetration, capital raising, exits and M&A opportunities.

Investment Due Diligence

Acting on behalf of investors (buy-side and sell-side) to perform due diligence on companies outside of SVI's portfolio, therefore providing an impartial and neutral approach to valuations.


From your proof-of-concept, to prototype or beta, to a MVP, our team of experts can advise you at every step to make the right choice in scaling up your product.

Seed Ramp-Up

Our team brings expertise to entrepreneurs. We convert technical business models and concepts into documents that investors understand and can easily evaluate.

For Space Start-ups

Space Ventures Investors will need to know your Business Plan, Team, 12 month and 5 year plans, plus Merger and Acquisition options.
Most importantly, how can your business evolve to take advantage of a rapidly changing space sector, be it commercial activity, government mandated changes e.g. (think of the inevitable world governments organising a solution to space debris) and unpredictable events and opportunities.

SVI may introduce investors to your start-up.
We will work with you through this process, including setting up a non-exclusive, fee-based mandate, for raising capital.

If you are based in Europe, experience from Catapult in the UK and the ESA BICs located all around Europe, is helpful.

For Established Space Companies

Space Ventures Investors is looking to work with previously funded and yet to be funded space companies who have ambitious long-term business plans and a mature investor base.

The current goal of SVI is to focus on space companies that are developers of technological solutions that address realistic commercial endeavours and fit into our Strategic Space Value Chain.

SVI is also interested in joint ventures and modelling various space commerce business plans and opportunities; the cost-intensive scale of mass-market space ventures requires concentrated pre-planning and research.

We Advise on How to Invest in the Space Industry

We can assist managers and investors who have a strategic and technical focus on terrestrial industry verticals, to scale-up to space.
Space Ventures Investors has in-house tools for valuations, market positioning and technical evaluation.

Space Related Business Development: Marketing, Business Development, and Sales Campaigns

From concepts to documention, from planning to pitching, from launches to campaigns.

• Analysis of concepts in relation to the Strategic Space Value Chain.
• Preliminary forecasting of demand, customers, and end markets.
• Strategic decision making, e.g. is the concept worth scaling-up or just a niche consultant?

Technology Overview
• What technology already exists, what has be to re-tooled, what has to be developed, and who are the stakeholders involved? • We can provide a technology roadmap for growing a new business in emerging space commerce sectors.

Business Models
• We are active in modelling space products or services, from earth observation software right through to orbiting infrastrucutre projects.
• We also model competitors and new developments, like the decreasing cost of technology vs increasing cost of regulation.

Financing Roadmap
• We can assist in the planing for financing now and in the future, identifying incubators and seed investors.
• and lastly the potential future investors (e.g. Series A, B) and their preferences.
• We can also model how much equity to trade for investment.

Business Development
• Market research: Further defining and refining the commercial space product or service in relation to international competitors.
• Marketing strategies: Setting and refining Key Performance Indicators and Milestones.
• Conducting Campaigns; B2B, GOV, B2C etc.
• Specific Business Development: target the right customers with the right approach.
• Closing deals.