We are:

Space Ventures Investors Ltd (SVI) is a shareholder driven company firm raising capital to invest in early stage space start-ups.
We focus on start-ups which solve existing inefficiencies, and take advantages of new opportunities, in the emerging space commerce sector.

Our Focus:

We are building a Strategic Space Value Chain of space companies in low earth orbit, geo-synchronous orbit, CISLUNAR, on the Moon / Lunar Surface, and for Asteroid Mining.

What We Can Do For You:

Do you want to invest in space? We can help.
Become a shareholder, or contact us regarding research and due diligence.
Are you a space company looking for funding? We can provide seed funding and advice.

The Strategic Space Value Chain

Space Commerce

Space Commerce Fund

Space Resources: Lunar Mining and Asteroid Mining

Space Resources Investing

Our operations are:

Found and co-found space companies.
Support space start-ups in capital raising, including strategies for equity issues, bonds for long-term space infrastructure projects, and alternative financing options.
Buy-into space companies that are part of the Strategic Space Value Chain.
Be a match-maker; bringing individuals, companies or syndicates to form space companies that can plan and execute highly technical operations.
‣ SVI is based in Europe and is operational internationally.

What makes us different?

Smart Acquisitons: SVI leverages European and US space network inside knowledge to find the best positioned start-ups.
Adding Value: SVI can Negotiate, Acquire and Joint Venture Companies with the goal that each Company fits into our wider strategy:
Building the Strategie Space Value Chain: As a private Company, SVI can select the right Companies to build-out a value-chain that focussed on 5-10 year opportunities in space commerce.
Research is Everything: SVI has over 10 years experience research in emerging space opportunities.

Upcoming Events

2019, October 9th.
Mining Space Summit workshop to develop the space resources utilization (SRU) sector.

2019, October 10th, 11th.
What next for Space Resources Utilisation. Two-day workshop to define common goals concrete next steps. ESA is hosting a workshop, in cooperation with the Luxembourg Space Agency

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NewSpace, the Citizen Space Race, Space 2.0... we are here to provide space investors with a profitable way to invest in the growing and evolving space industry.

Our Business

‣ Overview of Our Business.
Our Strategy: The value chain, how commerce will unlock trillions in value.
Space Commerce: Mainstream and High Tech Space
Space Resources: Lunar Mining, next steps, supply-chains, making it possible.
Asteroid Mining: Detection, planning, business models.

Our Services

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