Our Surveys Are Focused on Investing in Space

By providing your input we are crowd-sourcing ideas to develop a portfolio of space companies that reflect what you want.

Since 2010 we have been conducting surveys to ascertain how people and companies want to invest in space. We believe that the investor is our customer, so we’re collating data on:

  • How much people would want to invest in space.
  • What part of the space industry they would like to invest in.
  • And lastly, their risk appetite.

Previous surveys have produced exciting and interesting results, and sometimes we alter our surveys to zero in on specific space industry sectors, like asteroid mining, or space stocks.

We do not share your personal contact details with anyone.

If you are interested (e.g. as a journalist or student) in finding out about the emerging trends we’re monitoring thanks to our Space Investment Survey Results, then please Contact Us.

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