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Space Investment Related News selected from multiple online news sources.



Special Report: A tragedy of the commons - Satellite Finance. An overview of the space debris threat.

Virgin Galactic begins SpaceShipTwo glide flights - Space News. Virgin Galactic's space tourism business is back on track.


Elon Musk and others discuss successful Vertical landing of SpaceX Dragon CRS-8 . YouTube - Post launch news conference.


Planetary Resources Raises $21.1 Million in Series A Funding; Unveils Advanced Earth Observation Capability .

Effects of changing economics on space architecture and engineering . The global space economy did not contract, even in 2009, and its growth exceeded the general economy in every year except 2010, reaching $330 billion in 2014. - The Space Review.


From the Deutsche Bank Multi-Asset research Konzept report, an article titled: Space exploration — billionaires falling back to earth . (PDF Download)


From the Tauri Group, an in-depth overview of who is investing in space companies: Start-Up Space - Rising Investment in Commercial Space Ventures . (PDF Download)



From Air Space Mag, SpaceX completes a commercial space mission and a valuable reusable rocket test: A Falcon 9 first stage makes a controlled landing 10 minutes after launch.
Elon Musk says that the SpaceX Rocket Landing "Is a giant leap toward a City on Mars." - Space.com
The questions still remains: How to invest in SpaceX reusable rockets, and how to fund a commercial Mars Base, including sourcing investment for space exploration in general.


Quartz: US Congress passes the first US space law for Asteroid Mining - Legislation creates a pro-growth environment for commercial space industry by encouraging investment and ensuring a more stable regulatory regime.


Telegraph: Satellite stars: The British companies at science's final frontier - An overview of British Space Satellite Companies.

BBC: Rocketing Prices - the Investors Eyeing the Riches of Space  - A growing variety of commercial space enables private investors the opportunity to invest in space..


Colorado Space News: Space Mineral Resources (SMR) can benefit humanity and become an economic game changer.

Forbes: Asteroid Mining Valuations with some sketchy precious metals valuations.

Tim Draper talks about Venture Capital Space Investing: Bloomberg video Rocket Fueled Space Investments.

May - China's Space Program, and the Financing of Space: CNN article New world order in space - Why China stands out.

Astrophysicist: "Space Ventures Will Spawn First Trillionaire" - An interview with Neil deGrasse Tyson onCNBC's On the Money. The interview ends with: "In many ways, I see myself as a servant of people's cosmic appetite..."


Highlights from the UK Space Conference - Increasing Investor Sentiment in the Space Sector.


US Prepares for Space Warfare - The creeping Militarisation of Space: Official and un-official escalation.

Spaceflight Industries Raises Over $20 Million $27.5 million rasied from three venture capital firms, activities include launching 87 small spacecraft from a SpaceX Falcon 9.


Microsoft Co-founder to launch rockets into space - Stratolaunch Systems is developing 'Roc', a massive plane to carry rockets closer to space.

Google Lunar X Prize Teams Astrobotic and Hakuto sharing a ride to the moon? - Astrobotic, and Hakuto, both recipients of Milestone Prizes, are sharing a ride to the moon, and if they win, the prize money. This is an important step in the Google Lunar X Prize because combining teams; technology and skills, is integral to building a succesful private mission to the moon.

Satellite Fleet Operators competiting against New Space - Investment Analysts with their projections and investor mindeset verses Rocket Scientists who are actively responsible for launching and holding satellites in orbit?

SpaceNews: Google Invests US$900m in SpaceX - Search engine giant Google Inc. said it invested $900 million in SpaceX “to support continued innovation in areas of space transport, reusability and satellite manufacturing.”

Private Space Investments Will Reach $10 Billion This Year - Make way for money—investors are bullish on space.


Fortune: An Asteroid Mining Executive at Davos - Chris Lewicki, CEO of Planetary Resources,  plans to dig for water on Asteroids.

Turf Wars in the Russian Space Industry - New reforms, priorities and plans, or just politics?

CNN: Why is Fidelity investing in SpaceX? - Including inverview with Elon Musk: From space race to space war.

Forbes: Virgin And Qualcomm Are Investing In Satellite Internet Company OneWeb - OneWeb aims to build and launch a satellite constellation (648 low-weight, low orbit, low latency satellites that work with mobile providers) that provides internet to end users where it’s too expensive to provide internet connections conventionally.