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Investor Relations.

Future Diary Events: Conferences, Forums, Workshops

2019 October 10th and 11th
What Next for Space Resources Utilisation? - ESA and Luxembourg Space Agency
A two-day workshop to define common goals and concrete next steps. Location: LuxExpo, Luxembourg

2019 September - Date yet to be set.
An Introduction to Space Investing, Frankfurt am Main, Germany.

Our Recent Activities


2019, April 3rd and 4th.
ESA Workshop "Research in Space - New Business cases" at European Space Research and Technology Centre in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

2019, January 31st.
The Management Team at the 10th ESA Investment Forum at ESOC, Darmstadt.

2019, April 11th.
Global Navigation meets Geoinformation 2019 Conference at European Space Operations Centre, Darmstadt, Germany.

January 2019.
Space Commodities Exchange is incorporated in the US and is a joint venture. Co-founders include Space Ventures Investors, Orbit Fab and Orbital Transports.
The Space Commodities Exchange will position commodities in orbital trading facilities, from Earth LEO and geosynchronous orbits out to the Moon, servicing Government and Private operations, like satellite re-fuelling.


September 2018: Space Commodities Exchange was a runner-up in the Space Exploration Masters competition in Luxembourg.
Illustration above: Managing Director of Space Ventures Investors on a recent (Sep-2018) visit to the newly formed Luxembourg Space Agency.

2018, December 3rd to 6th.
European Space Week 2018.

Mentor to Deep Blue Globe: Earth Observation (Weather data) and A.I. solutions for Marine Navigation; creating an intercontinental autonomous navigation system for shipping.
For the latest information about Deep Blue Globe, read Copernicus Accelerator Start-up in the Spotlight, June 2018.