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Invest in a portfolio of global aerospace and space stocks that are active in developing space related technology and business models.

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Space Commerce Portfolio
Invest in a portfolio of international space companies that are focussing on space commerce verticals like space tourism and space resources.

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Invest in a portfolio of the European backed space companies that are developing niche high-tech applications, production lines and services.

Space Ventures Investors has launched Space CrowdFund -

The success of CrowdFunding Space Projects has illustrated the practicality, and the popularity, of using crowd sourced capital to fund space programs.

Space Ventures Investors own Space CrowdFund is a match-maker for space investors and space inventors so that they can come together to ignite the next space race.
The goal is to be the bridge between new space investors and space entrepreneurs, and apply traditional business develoment strategies to help guide future projects.
Launching space missions is an expensive business, but with the lowering of this barrier to entry, and the application of more passionate people to space, plus much needed capital, SVI is looking forward to the results in three ways:

  1. What space projects will come to us seeking funding, and
  2. Which of these projects will receive adequate funding from the public.
  3. How will crowdfunding for space 'play out' over the medium to long-term: In what ways will crowdfunding influence space commerce as compared to investment from the finance industry.

SVI looks forward to playing a bridging role, or ‘match maker’ if you prefer to call it, to make sure that ‘what is possible’ in space can be funded appropriately.
‘Proportionality’ is the strategy to keep in mind – there are many great ideas out there and only a few will be adequately funded. This natural screening process is normal in any emerging, or in the case of space, re-emerging industry.

You tell us about investing in a Space CrowdFund....

Interesting Crowdfunding Space Projects (as of August 2015)

Mars One - First Private Mars Mission in 2018
Indiegogo - Target: $400,000

LUNAR MISSION ONE: A new lunar mission for everyone
Kickstarter - Target: $600.00 (reached)

ARKYD: A Space Telescope for Everyone
Kickstarter - Target: $1000,000 (reached $1.5m)

SkyCube: The First Satellite Launched by You!
Kickstarter - Target: $82,500 (reached $117k)

ISEE-3 Reboot Project by Space College, Skycorp, and SpaceRef
Rockethub - Target: $125,000 (reached $~160k)

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