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Space Competitions

This is a brief list of the major competitions and related prizes for space entrepreneurs and space start-ups, sorted by deadlines.
If you want to add a deadline, please contact us.

Space Exploration Masters: Pitches for space explodation and technology ideas. Based in Europe.

Satellite Finance Network Elevator Pitch Training and Pitch Events. Satellite Finance Network is bringing the growing satellite and space industry together with the financial community, offering opportunities for both. They have excellent relationships with investors who are specifically interested in space and satellite application opportunities.
NewSpace Business Plan Competition. Space Scalable Businesses, building space start-ups into pioneering space commerce companies – that’s the plan of the NewSpace Business Plan Competition, a project of the Space Frontier Foundation.

The European Satellite Navigation Competition 2015: Over 30 prizes, worth € 1 million.
How would you use satellite navigation (and the mass of data it generates and we generate) to improve everyday life. Apart from the prize money, a major attraction is that entrants may eventually take their downstream satellite business idea to the European Space Agency Business Incubation stage. 

Note: At least one staff member of Space Ventures Investors is an entrant to the European Satellite Navigation Competition.

CLOSED! Google Lunar X Prize
: A $30 million competition to land a privately funded robot on the moon. By the most well known and publicised, the Google Lunar X Prize is also creating a lot of activity. While the prize is high, and there are awards for reaching milestones, the mission is a feat of space engineering, control, robotics and organisation, drawing in space enthusiasts and professionals alike. When and if a team, or a combination of teams, were to launch, exit Earth’s orbit and enter the Moon’s, descend, and even land, and then get their robot to roam 500 meters,  the attempt at winning the grand prize would create enough media attention to more value than the prize money itself. Note: White Label Space (merged with another team), affiliated with Space Ventures Investors, was an entrant to the Google Lunar X Prize.

NASA Cube Quest Competition
Total of US$5 million in prizes.

Deadline(s): Around 2018.

The Cube Quest competition is sponsored by NASA’s Space Technology Mission Directorate Centennial Challenge Program, and on offer is a total of US$5 million to the teams that rise to the challenge and can design, build and deliver flight-qualified, small satellites, that are capable of advanced operations near and beyond the moon.
These teams have the opportunity to compete for a secondary payload spot on the first mission of NASA’s Orion spacecraft, set to launch on the agency’s Space Launch System (SLS) rocket.
This competition has three distinct stages: A Ground Tournament, a Deep Space Derby (which sounds as mysterious as it sounds attractive), and a Lunar Derby.

A European competition where participants show how downstream satellite data can be used for new products and applications.<

Create the Future  - Design Contest
Spacecraft Competition Entries. at Create the Future. An interesting and broad array of spacecraft designs.