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Satellite Finance Network

The Satellite Finance Network is a UK-based pro-space commerce group that offers wide support for space start-ups and small companies.

Space Ventures Investors Partners

Are you part of a space commerce start-up, or a space company, and are looking for a partner and collaborator to help find financing, and explore business opportunities in the space industry? Get in contact to find out more.

Horizon Space Technologies

Horizon Space Technologies

Horizon Space Technologies is a British space startup developing a range of British designed sub-orbital and orbital rockets, and an earth observation satellite constellation.

German Small Satellite Manufacturing

Berlin Space Consortium

The Berlin Space Consortium is a full-service European small satellite provider. Services include small satellite and CubeSat specification, design, prototypes, manufacturing, fleet management, launch, and operations.
The highly specialised space companies, institutions and individuals, that make up the Berlin Space Consortium, have combined their expertise and knowledge to scale-up from their existing space technologies and business models.
Between them, they have an impressive space related educational, commercial and research & development portfolio.



PLD Space is a European space startup (based in Spain) dedicated to providing commerical sub-orbital and orbital launch services for small payloads (e.g. nanosatellites, cubesates).



SpaceScope is a growing collaborative space social platform for individuals and organisations to share knowledge and promote projects related to space.

NewSpace People

NewSpace People

The NewSpace People network is the go-to place to source regional business information within a global context. The platform is a 100% free solution for searching for and sourcing suppliers, expertise, and building pipelines of contracts across global markets as well as an excellent source of business information to track, assess, and predict the commercial forces in these markets. The network is marketed to both the space industry and professional audiences in related high-technology markets to increase awareness of the growing entrepreneurial culture of commercial space organisations.

Frank Fuchs Consulting

Space Ventures Investors and Frank Fuchs Consulting offer a Space Commerce Due Diligene for investor who wish to evaluate existing space companies and emerging space startups.

Partner with White Lavel Space

White Label Space

White Label Space is a team competing in the Google Lunar X Prize, was formerly based in the Netherlands, and is now in Tokyo.

The Japanese team are developing technology to compete in the next moon landing.

If you are interested in a space commerce collaboration, would like to find a newspace partner, or advice on funding a space startup, then get in contact.