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Space Resources Due Diligence

A Space Resources and Asteroid Mining Due Diligence report is currently being prepared to evaluate:

  • The commercial opportunities relating to future Lunar activities
  • Technology required to perform profitable operations
  • Architecture of a commerical lunar infrastructure and resources focussed supply-chain

Contributors: Contact SVI for all contributions from commercial lunar companies.

Investors: Contact SVI directly and / or use our Space Resources Investing Survey.

For more general informaiton visit our Asteroid Mining and Space Resources page.

Private Placement...

Space Investing

How We Invest in Space

Our Focus: A Strategic Space Value Chain

Our research, capital and expertise is funnelled into a Strategic Space Value Chain of space commerce companies; from space equities to space start-ups and space companies.

Asset Allocations Cover Space Commerce

Following from the Strategic Space Value, we focus on Space Verticals such as:

  • Space Stocks; including blue-chip Aerospace equities, established and soon to IPO space stocks.
  • Satellites; that address immediate commercial opportunities in low-earth orbit, internet of things, data; and earth observation
  • Emerging Space Sectors; Internet of Things and Earth Observation
  • Space Funds; existing and upcoming space funds that address a niche area
  • Space Debris
  • Space Tourism: Orbital and Sub-Orbital
  • Space Resources and Asteroid Mining, and the infrastructure required to propel this industry forward.
If you are interested, review our investing in space information, or get in contact with us.

We are a Shareholder Driven Company

The founders that built Space Ventures Investors and the investors that come on board share the same vision:

Research space commerce to...

Invest in revenue-generating space companies.

If you are interested, find out more about investing in Space Ventures Investors and get in contact Space Entrepreneurs

For SPACE COMPANIES: Space Start-ups, SMEs, and Decision Makers

Capital Raising and Liquidity for Space Companies

Regardless if you're at Seed Stage, Series A, B, C, or need a roadmap to take your space business from concept to IPO, we can help you lay the framework and partner with the right people and companies.

If you are an early investor seeking an exit, or management, even ordinary shareholders, seeking a liquid market for space company shares, we can provide a service of matching buyers and sellers.

More about fund raising for Space Companies...

Get in Contact, be on our Radar

We actively search for Space Companies that:
1. Fit into our Strategic Space Value Chain of well positioned space commerce companies.
2. Can be included in our Presentations and Research. We follow trends in NewSpace and how the space industry is evolving.

If you would like to be on radar and share what you do, get in contact with us.

Space Commerce Due Diligence

The Due Diligence required before investing in space companies is complex and technical.
If you require an intitial opinion or a an independent overview of a space commerce business model, product, or service, Space Commerce Due Diligence is now one of our services.


Individuals /
Private Investors

how to invest in spacex

You've kept up to date with SpaceX launches, Virgin Galactic test flights, and the new technological innovations to send humans to the Moon or Mars, and return them.
The implications are well above that of re-usable rockets and first class tickets to space; new markets are opening up, space commerce is here yet the exact niches are yet to be defined.

The lowering of the cost of launch and the inevitability of space tourism are just the beginning. Yet how do you invest in space when there are so many companies, technologies, and start-ups?

For a balanced exposure to space commerce, get in contact.


Entrepreneurs / Angel Investors / High Net Worth / Family Trusts

The gradual generation of wealth, the preservation of capital throughout the generations, and the opportunities that come once in a lifetime, are real and tangible events that need to be researched, modelled and strategically invested in.

For High Net Worth and Angel Investors there are different strategic investments that can be made into space commerce; To be part of it, it is merely a question of risk appetite, expectations on the return on investments, and knowing what to invest in.

To be a key investor in new space startups and companies, get in contact.


Corporate / Venture Capital / Private Equity

Space Investing Research

The scaling-down of launch costs, plus the tooling-up of developing economies into high-tech space hubs, means that new space manufacturing, production and services companies will have a competitive advantage.

Part of their growth will be through Mergers and Acquistions, Financing, and potential IPOs.
Right now the miniaturization of space technology like CubeSats, the downstream data applications for B2C and B2B markets, and the new talent making it all happen, is the next market to be in.

For consultancy, due diligence, and game-changing disruptive space investments, get in contact.


Emerging Space Sectors

Internet of Things

Concept: The continuation of the digital revolution (software, applications, analysis) and the industrial age.

Technological: Hardware not only has to be efficient (e.g. energy saving, light materials), but harder (e.g. extreme temperature, radiation, depths and altitude).

Space element: Global positioning and data connections, 24 hours day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Invest in Internet of Things IoT

Earth Observation

Concept: The new ways in which to observe the earth creates more opportunities for people (including their A.I. tools) to analyse, present and forecast.

Technological: As more sophisticated satellites and their data are available, skilled analysts are required to interpret and package this data for B2C, B2B, NGO, .GOV, MIL etc.

Space element: Global positioning and space agency satellites are now competing with low-cost solutions like private fleets of small satellites and CubeSats.

Invest in Earth Observation

We Research Space Commerce

Space Commerce Presentations

Download our Space Commerce Presentations, themes including NewSpace, trends, geographic strategies and technology in development.

Space Commerce Due Diligence

From collecting information about space investors, to space industry macro trends and how a space startup can package complex downstream data into a B2C / B2B service, we research space commerce business models.


As part of our effort to educate new space investors, Space Ventures Investors is a contributor to various media outlets relating to the growing interest in space investing.

We Invest in Space. Join Us.

Our Vision for Investing in Space is very simple:

1. Create space investments that channel investor capital into profitable space commerce businesses.

2. Ensure that investor capital, via Space Ventures Investors, has a growing, long-lasting and transformational role in space commerce.

3. Space Investors are decision makers - Input and Voting from our investors shape how we invest in space.

Want to join us? Subscribe to our newsletters, complete one of our surveys, or just connect or contact us for more information about investing in space.

Simon Drake - Co-Founder and Managing Director

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